[openstack-dev] [Murano] Kilo-1 Dev Milestone Released!

Serg Melikyan smelikyan at mirantis.com
Thu Dec 18 20:56:34 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

I am happy to announce that first Kilo milestone is now available. You can
download the kilo-1 release and review the changes here:

With this milestone we release several new and important features, that I
would like to kindly ask to try and play with:

   - Handle auth expiration for long-running deployments
   - Per-class configuration files

We added support for long-running deployments in Murano. Previously
deployment time was restricted by token expiration time, in case when user
started deployment close to token expiration time, deployment was failing
on Heat stack creation.

We've also implemented support for per-class configuration files during
this milestone. Murano may be easily extended, for example with support for
different third-party services, like monitoring or firewall. You can find
demo-example of such extension here:

In this example we add ZabbixApi class that handles interaction with Zabbix
monitoring system installed outside of the cloud and exposes API to all the
applications in the catalog, giving ability to configure monitoring for

Obviously we need to store credentials for Zabbix somewhere, and previously
it was done in main Murano configuration file. Now each class may have own
configuration file, with nice ability to automatically fill class
properties by configuration values.

Unfortunately these features are not yet documented, please refer to commit
messages and implementation for details. We would be happy for any
contribution to Murano and especially contribution to our documentation.

  * https://review.openstack.org/134183
  * https://review.openstack.org/119042

Thank you!

Serg Melikyan, Senior Software Engineer at Mirantis, Inc.
http://mirantis.com | smelikyan at mirantis.com

+7 (495) 640-4904, 0261
+7 (903) 156-0836
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