[openstack-dev] [Neutron] UniqueConstraint for name and tenant_id in security group

Mathieu Gagné mgagne at iweb.com
Tue Dec 16 16:35:30 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-16 12:07 AM, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> So I think this is something we really should get agreement on across
> the open stack API first before flipping back and forth on a case by
> case basis.
> Personally I think we should be using uuids for uniqueness and leave any
> extra restrictions to a ui layer if really required. If we try to have
> name uniqueness then "test " should be considered the same as " test" as
> " test " and it introduces all sorts of slightly different combos that
> look the same except under very close comparison. Add unicode for extra fun.

Leaving such uniqueness validation to the UI layer is a *huge no-no*.

The problem I had in production occurred in a non-UI system.

Please consider making it great for all users, not just the one 
(Horizon) provided by OpenStack.


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