[openstack-dev] [project-config][infra] Advanced way to run specific jobs against code changes

Denis Makogon dmakogon at mirantis.com
Thu Dec 11 13:46:47 UTC 2014

Good day Stackers.

I’d like to raise question about implementing custom pipelines for Zuul.
For those of you how’s pretty familiar with project-config and infra

itself it wouldn’t be a news that for now Zuul layout supports only few
pipelines types [1]

Most of OpenStack projects are maintaining more than one type of drivers
(for Nova - virt driver, Trove - datastore drivers,

Cinder - volume backends, etc.). And, as it can be seen, existing jenkins
check jobs are not wisely utilize infra resources.

This is a real problem, just remember end of every release - number of
check/recheck jobs is huge.

So, how can we utilize resources more wisely and run only needed check job?
Like we’ve been processing unstable new check jobs - putting them into

‘experimental’ pipeline. So why can’t we provide such ability for projects
to define their own pipelines?

For example, as code reviewer, i see that patch touches specific
functionality of Driver A and i know that project testing infrastructure
provides an ability

to examine specific workflow for Driver A. Then it seems to be more than
valid to post a comment on the review like “check driver-a”. As you can see

i want to ask gerrit to trig custom pipeline for given project. Let me
describe more concrete example from “real world”. In Trove we maintain 5

drivers for different datastores and it doesn’t look like a good thing to
run all check jobs against code that doesn’t actually touch any of existing

drivers (this is what we have right now [2]

           Now here comes my proposal. I’d like to extend existing Zuul
pipeline to support any of needed check jobs (see example of Triple-O, [3]

           But, as i can, see there are possible problems with such
approach, so i also have an  alternative proposal to one above. The only
one way to deal with such

           approach is to use REGEX ‘files’ for job definitions (example:
requirements check job [4]
In this case we’d still maintain only one pipeline ‘experimental’

           for all second-priority jobs. To make small summary, two ways
were proposed:


   Pipeline(s) per Project. Pros: reviewer can trig specific pipeline by
   himself. Cons: spamming status/zuul.

   REGEX files per additional jobs.

Sorry, but i’m not able to describe all Pros/Cons for each of proposals.
So, if you know them, please help me to figure out them.

All thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards

Denis M.
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