[openstack-dev] [Murano] Oslo.messaging error

raghavendra.lad at accenture.com raghavendra.lad at accenture.com
Thu Dec 11 07:12:02 UTC 2014

HI Team,

I am installing Murano on the Ubuntu 14.04 Juno setup and when I try the below install murano-api I encounter the below error. Please assist.

When I install

I am using the Murano guide link provided below:

I am trying to execute the section 7

1.    Open a new console and launch Murano API. A separate terminal is required because the console will be locked by a running process.
2. $ cd ~/murano/murano
3. $ tox -e venv -- murano-api \
4. > --config-file ./etc/murano/murano.conf

I am getting the below error : I have a Juno Openstack ready and trying to integrate Murano

2014-12-11 12:28:03.676 9524 INFO eventlet.wsgi [-] (9524) wsgi starting up on
2014-12-11 12:28:03.677 9524 DEBUG murano.common.statservice [-] Updating statistic information. update_stats /root/murano/murano/murano/common/statservice.py:57
2014-12-11 12:28:03.677 9524 DEBUG murano.common.statservice [-] Stats object: <murano.api.v1.request_statistics.RequestStatisticsCollection object at 0x7ff72837d410> update_stats /root/murano/murano/murano/common/statservice.py:58
2014-12-11 12:28:03.677 9524 DEBUG murano.common.statservice [-] Stats: Requests:0  Errors: 0 Ave.Res.Time 0.0000
Per tenant: {} update_stats /root/murano/murano/murano/common/statservice.py:64
2014-12-11 12:28:03.692 9524 DEBUG oslo.db.sqlalchemy.session [-] MySQL server mode set to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,STRICT_ALL_TABLES,NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_ZERO_DATE,ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,TRADITIONAL,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION _check_effective_sql_mode /root/murano/murano/.tox/venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/oslo/db/sqlalchemy/session.py:509
2014-12-11 12:28:06.721 9524 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [-] AMQP server 192.168.x.x:5672 closed the connection. Check login credentials: Socket closed

Warm Regards,
Raghavendra Lad


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