[openstack-dev] Moving _conf and _scripts to dashboard

Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 23:44:50 UTC 2014

+1 to moving application configuration to the application, out of the


On Thu Dec 11 2014 at 10:38:20 AM Thai Q Tran <tqtran at us.ibm.com> wrote:

> The way we are structuring our javascripts today is complicated. All of
> our static javascripts reside in /horizon/static and are imported through
> _conf.html and _scripts.html. Notice that there are already some panel
> specific javascripts like: horizon.images.js, horizon.instances.js,
> horizon.users.js. They do not belong in horizon. They belong in
> openstack_dashboard because they are specific to a panel.
> Why am I raising this issue now? In Angular, we need controllers written
> in javascript for each panel. As we angularize more and more panels, we
> need to store them in a way that make sense. To me, it make sense for us to
> move _conf and _scripts to openstack_dashboard. Or if this is not possible,
> then provide a mechanism to override them in openstack_dashboard.
> Thoughts?
> Thai
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