[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Bug Squashing Day

James Polley jp at jamezpolley.com
Wed Dec 10 22:01:45 UTC 2014

How do you find the Australian at the international online meeting?

You don't, they'll find you and make loud pointed remarks about your lack
of understanding of the ramifications of the world being round, the IDL,
and so on.

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 10:36 PM, Gregory Haynes <greg at greghaynes.net>

> A couple weeks ago we discussed having a bug squash day. AFAICT we all
> forgot, and we still have a huge bug backlog. I'd like to propose we
> make next Wed. (12/17, in whatever 24 window is Wed. in your time zone)
> a bug squashing day. Hopefully we can add this as an item to our weekly
> meeting on Tues. to help remind everyone the day before.

Luckily next week's meeting is the UTC1900 meeting - so for Europe that's
Tuesday night, and for Christchurch and Sydney that's 9am and 6am
respectively. The meeting we had earlier today was  at 9am Wednesday CET
(still time for a reminder) - 10pm/8pm Wednesday in Christchurch/Sydney.

On any case, I've added a note to the agenda (
https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TripleO#One-off_agenda_items) and
linked it back to the original discussion (

> Cheers,
> Greg
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