[openstack-dev] [poppy] Kilo-2 Priorities

Amit Gandhi amit.gandhi at RACKSPACE.COM
Fri Dec 5 15:40:45 UTC 2014

Thanks everyone who attended the weekly meeting yesterday.

Great job in delivering on the kilo-1 deliverables for Poppy CDN.  https://launchpad.net/poppy/+milestone/kilo-1

We were able to be dev complete the following items:
- The ability to configure a service containing domains, origins, caching rules, and restrictions with a CDN provider
- The ability to purge content from a CDN provider
- The ability to define flavors
- The ability to check the health of the system
- The following Transport drivers - Pecan
- The following Storage drivers - Cassandra
- The following DNS drivers - Rackspace Cloud DNS
- The following CDN providers - Akamai, Fastly, MaxCDN, Amazon CloudFront

As we move focus on to the Kilo-2 milestone,  lets put emphasis around testing, bug fixing, refactoring, and making the work done up to now reliable and well tested, before we move on to the next set of major features.

I have updated the kilo-2 milestone deliverables to reflect these goals. https://launchpad.net/poppy/+milestone/kilo-2


Amit Gandhi
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