[openstack-dev] [stable] Exception proposals for 2014.2.1

Jay S. Bryant jsbryant at electronicjungle.net
Thu Dec 4 22:00:53 UTC 2014

On 12/03/2014 01:17 PM, Alan Pevec wrote:
> 2014-12-02 17:15 GMT+01:00 Jay S. Bryant <jsbryant at electronicjungle.net>:
>>> Cinder
>>> https://review.openstack.org/137537 - small change and limited to the
>>> VMWare driver
>> +1 I think this is fine to make an exception for.
> one more Cinder exception proposal was added in StableJuno etherpad
> * https://review.openstack.org/#/c/138526/ (This is currently the
> master version but I will be proposing to stable/juno as soon as it is
> approved in Master)  The Brocade FS San Lookup facility is currently
> broken and this revert is necessary to get it working again.
> Jay, what's the status there, I see master change failed in gate?
> Cheers,
> Alan
Finally was able to get the master version through the gate and 
cherry-picked it here:

That one has made it through the check.  So, if it isn't too late, it 
could use a +2/+A.


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