[openstack-dev] [third-party] Third-party CI documentation WG forming

Kurt Taylor kurt.r.taylor at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 15:22:52 UTC 2014

At the kilo summit third-party session we discussed the need for a complete
overhaul of the third-party CI documentation. Several in attendance
volunteered to help with this effort.

To help get us started, I have created an etherpad to help organize the
thoughts of those involved.

Please thoroughly review the existing documentation and also add yourself
as a contact to this etherpad if you wish to participate. I have put some
initial thoughts and links there, but please feel free to add to it. When
we get a group signed up, we can decide how to proceed.

Since the Infra manual virtual sprint was such a success, how would
everyone feel about a 2 day third-party CI documentation virtual sprint? I
think we could bang out a pretty nice doc in that timeframe.

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)
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