[openstack-dev] [NFV][Telco] Use case discussion

Calum Loudon Calum.Loudon at metaswitch.com
Wed Dec 3 15:40:37 UTC 2014

Hello all

Unfortunately, my complete inability to process daylight savings time changes
meant I was one hour late for today's TelcoWG meeting so couldn't participate
in the discussion of use cases, including the one I submitted on Session Border
Control.  Thanks to eavesdrop.openstack.org I've been able to catch up.

Just to chip in to the discussion, I agree entirely that we should try to keep
the wiki vendor neutral, but at the same time I think use cases based on real
world implementations (which could of course be open source rather than from a
vendor) are more powerful illustrations for the Dev community of why particular 
bps are needed than the more abstract presentation of use cases in the ETSI
docs, which are aimed at a different purpose.  I don't think it's particularly
convincing or compelling as a developer to hear that some theoretical
implementation of a network function you may have never heard of might need
feature X, whereas understanding that there are real products out there that
genuinely depend on it brings the requirement home.  One of the goals of this
group is to help the rest of the OpenStack community understand NFV, and I
think concrete beats abstract for that.

However, as Steve noted, I did try to draw out general characteristics and 
relate them to specific gaps and requirements and I think that's important to
try to draw as much as possible that is general and vendor-neutral from specific

Someone asked about ability to test; I imagine most people in this group will
know of the OPNFV initiative, and they are working to put together test frameworks
and cases which may include real VNFs, including this specific Perimeta example.



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