[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-docs] [stable] New config options, no default change

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Wed Dec 3 07:40:10 UTC 2014

On 12/03/2014 12:10 AM, Alan Pevec wrote:
>>> In this case we're referring to how we handle DocImpact for specific
>>> branches of a project (say stable/juno of Nova, for example). I don't think
>>> we'd want to change the DocImpact handling for the entire project to go
>>> somewhere other than openstack-manuals. As far as I know the current setup
>>> doesn't support us changing the handling per branch though, only per
>>> project.
>> Yep, I do agree. And honestly we don't have the resources to cover stable
>> branches docs in addition to the ongoing.
>> Is there another way to tag your work so that you remember to put it in
>> release notes?
> We just started discussing this and it is not used yet and we'll pick
> some other tag.
> While at it, is there an OpenStack-wide registry for tags in the
> commit messages?

Not sure - but if you do define one, please send a patch for the


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