[openstack-dev] SRIOV failures error-

Irena Berezovsky irenab at mellanox.com
Wed Dec 3 06:40:26 UTC 2014

Hi Murali,
Seems there is a mismatch between pci_whitelist configuration and requested network.
In the table below:
"physical_network": "physnet2"

In the error you sent, there is:

Please check the neutron and nova configuration for physical_network.


From: Murali B [mailto:mbirru at gmail.com]
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To: openstack-dev at lists.openstack.org; itzikb at redhat.com
Subject: [openstack-dev] SRIOV failures error-

Hi Itzik,

Thank you for your reply

Please find the below output for "#echo 'use nova;select hypervisor_hostname,pci_stats from
compute_nodes;' | mysql -u root"

MariaDB [nova]> select hypervisor_hostname,pci_stats from compute_nodes;
| hypervisor_hostname | pci_stats                                                                                 |
| compute2            | []                                                                                        |
| xilinx-r720         | [{"count": 1, "vendor_id": "8086", "physical_network": "physnet2", "product_id": "10ed"}] |
| compute1            | []                                                                                        |
| compute4            | []                                                                                        |

we have enabled SRIOV agent on compute node 4 as well as  xilinx-r720

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