[openstack-dev] [neutron] Changes to the core team

Salvatore Orlando sorlando at nicira.com
Tue Dec 2 16:34:04 UTC 2014

I am happy with the proposed change in the core team.

Many thanks to the outgoing members and a warm welcome to hell (err core
team) to Henry and Kevin!

Il 02/dic/2014 17:20 "Mark McClain" <mark at mcclain.xyz> ha scritto:

> > On Dec 2, 2014, at 10:59 AM, Kyle Mestery <mestery at mestery.com> wrote:
> >
> > First of all, I'm proposing we remove Bob Kukura and Nachi Ueno from
> > neutron-core. Bob and Nachi have been core members for a while now.
> > They have contributed to Neutron over the years in reviews, code and
> > leading sub-teams. I'd like to thank them for all that they have done
> > over the years. I'd also like to propose that should they start
> > reviewing more going forward the core team looks to fast track them
> > back into neutron-core. But for now, their review stats place them
> > below the rest of the team for 180 days.
> Thanks to Bob and Nachi for all of their hard work during the early cycles
> of Quantum/Neutron.
> >
> > As part of the changes, I'd also like to propose two new members to
> > neutron-core: Henry Gessau and Kevin Benton. Both Henry and Kevin have
> > been very active in reviews, meetings, and code for a while now. Henry
> > lead the DB team which fixed Neutron DB migrations during Juno. Kevin
> > has been actively working across all of Neutron, he's done some great
> > work on security fixes and stability fixes in particular. Their
> > comments in reviews are insightful and they have helped to onboard new
> > reviewers and taken the time to work with people on their patches.
> >
> > Existing neutron cores, please vote +1/-1 for the addition of Henry
> > and Kevin to the core team.
> >
> +1 to Henry and Kevin.  They’ve both been great contributors the last few
> cycles and would make great cores.
> mark
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