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On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:49 AM, Susanne Balle <sleipnir012 at gmail.com>

> LBaaS team,
> As we discussed in the Weekly LBaaS meeting this morning we should make
> sure we get the design sessions scheduled that we are interested in.
> We currently agreed on the following:
> * Neutron LBaaS. we want to schedule 2 sessions. I am assuming that we
> want to go over status and also the whole incubator thingy and how we will
> best move forward.
> * Octavia: We want to schedule 2 sessions.
> ---  During one of the sessions I would like to discuss the pros and cons
> of putting Octavia into the Neutron LBaaS incubator project right away. If
> it is going to be the reference implementation for LBaaS v 2 then I believe
> Octavia belong in Neutron LBaaS v2 incubator.
> * Flavors which should be coordinated with markmcclain and enikanorov.
> --- https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102723/
> Is this too many sessions given the constraints? I am assuming that we can
> also meet at the pods like we did at the last summit.
> thoughts?
> Regards Susanne
> Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org>
> Aug 27 (1 day ago)
>  to OpenStack
>  Hi everyone,
> I've been thinking about what changes we can bring to the Design Summit
> format to make it more productive. I've heard the feedback from the
> mid-cycle meetups and would like to apply some of those ideas for Paris,
> within the constraints we have (already booked space and time). Here is
> something we could do:
> Day 1. Cross-project sessions / incubated projects / other projects
> I think that worked well last time. 3 parallel rooms where we can
> address top cross-project questions, discuss the results of the various
> experiments we conducted during juno. Don't hesitate to schedule 2 slots
> for discussions, so that we have time to come to the bottom of those
> issues. Incubated projects (and maybe "other" projects, if space allows)
> occupy the remaining space on day 1, and could occupy "pods" on the
> other days.
> Day 2 and Day 3. Scheduled sessions for various programs
> That's our traditional scheduled space. We'll have a 33% less slots
> available. So, rather than trying to cover all the scope, the idea would
> be to focus those sessions on specific issues which really require
> face-to-face discussion (which can't be solved on the ML or using spec
> discussion) *or* require a lot of user feedback. That way, appearing in
> the general schedule is very helpful. This will require us to be a lot
> stricter on what we accept there and what we don't -- we won't have
> space for courtesy sessions anymore, and traditional/unnecessary
> sessions (like my traditional "release schedule" one) should just move
> to the mailing-list.
> Day 4. Contributors meetups
> On the last day, we could try to split the space so that we can conduct
> parallel midcycle-meetup-like contributors gatherings, with no time
> boundaries and an open agenda. Large projects could get a full day,
> smaller projects would get half a day (but could continue the discussion
> in a local bar). Ideally that meetup would end with some alignment on
> release goals, but the idea is to make the best of that time together to
> solve the issues you have. Friday would finish with the design summit
> feedback session, for those who are still around.
> I think this proposal makes the best use of our setup: discuss clear
> cross-project issues, address key specific topics which need
> face-to-face time and broader attendance, then try to replicate the
> success of midcycle meetup-like open unscheduled time to discuss
> whatever is hot at this point.
> There are still details to work out (is it possible split the space,
> should we use the usual design summit CFP website to organize the
> "scheduled" time...), but I would first like to have your feedback on
> this format. Also if you have alternative proposals that would make a
> better use of our 4 days, let me know.
> Cheers,
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