[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Goals for 5.1.1 & 6.0

Mike Scherbakov mscherbakov at mirantis.com
Thu Aug 28 12:26:34 UTC 2014

Hi Fuelers,
while we are busy with last bugs which block us from releasing 5.1, we need
to start thinking about upcoming releases. Some of you already started POC,
some - specs, and I see discussions in ML and IRC.

>From overall strategy perspective, focus for 6.0 is:

   - OpenStack Juno release
   - Certificate 100-node deployment. In terms of OpenStack, if not
   possible for Juno, let's do for Icehouse
   - Send anonymous stats about deployment (deployment modes, features
   used, etc.)
   - Stability and Reliability

Let's take a little break and think, in a first order, about features,
sustaining items and bugs which block us from releasing whether 5.1.1 or
We have to start creating blueprints (and moving them to 6.0 milestone) and
make sure there are critical bugs assigned to appropriate milestone, if
there are any.

Examples which come to my mind immediately:

   - Use service token to auth in Keystone for upgrades (affects 5.1.1),
   instead of plain admin login / pass. Otherwise it affects security, and
   user should keep password in plain text
   - Decrease upgrade tarball size

Please come up with blueprints and LP bugs links, and short explanation why
it's a blocker for upcoming releases.

Mike Scherbakov
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