[openstack-dev] [zaqar] [marconi] Removing GET message by ID in v1.1 (Redux)

Nataliia Uvarova grafinya.uvarova at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 16:33:53 UTC 2014

I doesn't support the idea of removing this endpoint, although it 
requires some efforts to maintain.

First of all, because of the confusion among users, that it could bring. 
The href to message is returned in many cases, and was seen as canonical 
way to deal with it. (As far as I understand, we encourage users to use 
links we provide and not ids etc). And if you only could  send DELETE 
requests to this url and not GET, that is looking not good.

And the second. We do have ability get a set of messages by id, by using 
/messages?ids=ids endpoint. By removing ability to get message normal 
way, we could unintentionally force users to use this hacky approach to 
get single message. The cost of support both endpoint is not that much 
higher, than support only one of them.

As for me, changes in v1.1 is more cosmetic one in the part of 
queues/messages, and it is better to make decision about it in v2, where 
will have more understanding what is needed and what is not.

It is only my thoughts, I'm not very experienced in Zaqar API yet.

On 08/27/2014 05:48 PM, Kurt Griffiths wrote:
> Crew, as we continue implementing v1.1 in anticipation for a “public 
> preview” at the summit, I’ve started to wonder again about removing 
> the ability to GET a message by ID from the API. Previously, I was 
> concerned that it may be too disruptive a change and should wait for 
> 2.0. But consider this: in order to GET a message by ID you already 
> have to have either listed or claimed that message, in which case you 
> already have the message. Therefore, this operation would appear to 
> have no practical purpose, and so probably won’t be missed by users if 
> we remove it.
> Am I missing something? What does everyone think about removing 
> getting messages by ID in v1.1?
> --Kurt
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