[openstack-dev] [Openstack][TripleO] What if undercloud machines down, can we reboot overcloud machines?

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Tue Aug 26 15:17:53 UTC 2014

Oh, after writing my response below I realized this is cross-posted
between openstack and openstack-dev.  Please don't do that.

I suppose this probably belongs on the users list, but since I've
already written the response I guess I'm not going to argue too much. :-)

On 08/26/2014 07:36 AM, 严超 wrote:
> Hi, All:
>         I've deployed undercloud and overcloud on some baremetals. All
> overcloud machines are deployed by undercloud.
>         Then I tried to shutdown undercloud machines. After that, if I
> reboot one overcloud machine, it will never boot from net, AKA PXE used by
> undercloud.

Yes, that's normal.  With the way our baremetal deployments work today,
the deployed systems always PXE boot.  After deployment they PXE boot a
kernel and ramdisk that use the deployed hard disk image, but it's still
a PXE boot.

>         Is that what TripleO is designed to be ? We can never shutdown
> undercloud machines for maintainance of overcloud ?  Please help me
> clearify that.

Yes, that's working as intended at the moment.  I recall hearing that
there were plans to eliminate the PXE requirement after deployment, but
you'd have to talk to the Ironic team about that.

Also, I don't think it was ever the intent of TripleO that the
undercloud would be shut down after deployment.  The idea is that you
use the undercloud to manage the overcloud machines, so if you want to
reboot one you do it via the undercloud nova, not directly on the system

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