[openstack-dev] Using gerrymander, a client API and command line tool for gerrit

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 09:39:51 UTC 2014

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 05:54:27PM +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> In terms of how I personally use it (assuming the above config file)...

Vish pointed out that I made a bunch of stupid typos in my examples
here. Next time I'll actually double-check what I write :-)

> At least once a day I look at all open changes in Nova which touch any
> libvirt source files
>   $ gerrymander -g nova --branch master libvirt

Should have been:

  $ gerrymander changes -g nova --branch master libvirt

> and will go through and review anything that I've not seen before.
> In addition I'll process any open changes where I have commented on a
> previous version of a patch, but not commented in the current version
> which is a report generated by a special command:
>   $ gerrymander -g nova todo-mine

Args reversed

  $ gerrymander todo-mine -g nova 

> If I have more time I'll look at any patches which have been submitted
> where *no  one* has done any review, touching anything in nova source
> tree
>   $ gerrymander -g nova todo-noones

And again

  $ gerrymander todo-noones -g nova

> or any patches where I've not reviewed the current version
>   $ gerrymander -g nova todo-others

And again

  $ gerrymander todo-others -g nova

> That's pretty much all I need on a day-to-day basis to identify stuff
> needing my review attention. For actual review I'll use the gerrit
> web UI, or git fetch the patch locally depending on complexity of the
> change in question. Also if I want to see comments fully expanded,
> without bots, for a specific change number 104264 I would do
>   $ gerrymander comments 104264
> One day I'd love to be able to write some reports which pull priority
> data on blueprints from nova-specs or launchpad, and correlate with 
> reviews so important changes needing attention can be highlighted...

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