[openstack-dev] [Octavia] Minutes from 8/13/2014 meeting

Trevor Vardeman trevor.vardeman at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Aug 18 20:25:30 UTC 2014

Agenda items are numbered, and topics, as discussed, are described beneath in list format.

1) Discuss future of Octavia in light of Neutron-incubator project proposal.
    a) There are many problems with Neutron-Incubator as currently described
    b) The political happenings in Neutron leave our LBaaS patches under review unlikely to land in Juno
    c) The Incubator proposal doesn't affect Octavia development direction, with inclination to distance ourselves from Neutron proper
    d) With the Neutron Incubator proposal in current scope, efforts of people pushing forward Neutron LBaaS patches should be re-focused into Octavia.

2) Discuss operator networking requirements (carry-over from last week)
    a) Both HP and Rackspace seem to agree that as long as Octavia uses Neutron-like floating IPs, their networks should be able to work with proposed Octavia topologies
    b) (Blue Box) also wanted to meet with Rackspace's networking team during the operator summit a few weeks from now to thoroughly discuss network concerns

3) Discuss v0.5 component design proposal  [https://review.openstack.org/#/c/113458/]
    a) Notification for back-end node health (aka being offline) isn't required for 0.5, but is a must have later
    b) Notification of LB health (HA Proxy, etc) is definitely a requirement in 0.5
    c) Still looking for more feedback on the proposal itself

4) Discuss timeline on moving these meetings to IRC.
    a) Most members in favor of keeping the webex meetings for the time being
    b) One major point was other openstack/stackforge use video meetings as their "primary" source as well

    Sorry for the lack of density.  I forgot to have the meeting recorded, but I hope I included some major points.  Feel free to respond in line with any more information anyone can recall concerning the meeting information.  Thanks!

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