[openstack-dev] Announcement: "RACK" - openstack native application enabler

金子 雄大 takehiro.kaneko at ctc-g.co.jp
Fri Aug 15 08:58:49 UTC 2014

Hi, all.

I'd like to introduce an opensource project RACK (Real
ApplicationCentric Kernel).

We aim to achieve "after the cloud" application, which is application
intended for running on cloud, using it.

The present applications are designed at "before the cloud". As those
applications are not intended for cloud, they need other tools such as
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Serf, etc to utilize the cloud power.

Thus the systems tend to become more complex on the cloud. We must think
the "after the cloud" application now.

The "after the cloud" application we think satisfies below.

 - The application logic determines amount of required resources by itself.
 - The application logic iterates allocations/releases of resources from
 - Those allocations/releases behave like creation/deletion of process.

We named the application with such behavior "OpenStack Native Application".

So what does RACK provide us? RACK enables an application to control VMs
like a Linux process.

It provides an application with PID, parent-child relationship, "Fork"
/"Kill" VMs capabilities, interVM communication and message exchange
without VM's IP address.

Ultimately, RACK enables you to implement a large scale distributed
system in a variety of programming languages on OpenStack.

Further details of RACK are on our project's wiki
The project source code is available at https://github.com/stackforge/rack.
And sample applications and how-to-use will be available quite soon.

We plan to present RACK in detail at Paris Summit, but feel free to
contact us any time.


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