[openstack-dev] [Nova] Concerns around the Extensible Resource Tracker design - revert maybe?

Jiang, Yunhong yunhong.jiang at intel.com
Thu Aug 14 00:22:06 UTC 2014

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> Subject: [openstack-dev] [Nova] Concerns around the Extensible Resource
> Tracker design - revert maybe?
> Hey Nova-istas,
> While I was hacking on [1] I was considering how to approach the fact
> that we now need to track one more thing (NUMA node utilization) in our
> resources. I went with - "I'll add it to compute nodes table" thinking
> it's a fundamental enough property of a compute host that it deserves to
> be there, although I was considering  Extensible Resource Tracker at one
> point (ERT from now on - see [2]) but looking at the code - it did not
> seem to provide anything I desperately needed, so I went with keeping it
> simple.
> So fast-forward a few days, and I caught myself solving a problem that I
> kept thinking ERT should have solved - but apparently hasn't, and I
> think it is fundamentally a broken design without it - so I'd really
> like to see it re-visited.
> The problem can be described by the following lemma (if you take 'lemma'
> to mean 'a sentence I came up with just now' :)):
> """
> Due to the way scheduling works in Nova (roughly: pick a host based on
> stale(ish) data, rely on claims to trigger a re-schedule), _same exact_
> information that scheduling service used when making a placement
> decision, needs to be available to the compute service when testing the
> placement.
> """
> This is not the case right now, and the ERT does not propose any way to
> solve it - (see how I hacked around needing to be able to get
> extra_specs when making claims in [3], without hammering the DB). The
> result will be that any resource that we add and needs user supplied
> info for scheduling an instance against it, will need a buggy
> re-implementation of gathering all the bits from the request that
> scheduler sees, to be able to work properly.
> This is obviously a bigger concern when we want to allow users to pass
> data (through image or flavor) that can affect scheduling, but still a
> huge concern IMHO.

I'd think this is not ERT itself, but more a RT issue. And the issue happens to
PCI also, which has to save the PCI request in the system metadata (No ERT at that time).
 It will be great to have a more generic solution.


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