[openstack-dev] [nova][core] Expectations of core reviewers

CARVER, PAUL pc2929 at att.com
Wed Aug 13 13:19:06 UTC 2014

Daniel P. Berrange [mailto:berrange at redhat.com] wrote:

>our dispersed contributor base. I think that we should be examining
>what we can achieve with some kind of virtual online mid-cycle meetups
>instead. Using technology like google hangouts or some similar live
>collaboration technology, not merely an IRC discussion. Pick a 2-3
>day period, schedule formal agendas / talking slots as you would with
>a physical summit and so on. I feel this would be more inclusive to
>our community as a whole, avoid excessive travel costs, so allowing
>more of our community to attend the bigger design summits. It would
>even open possibility of having multiple meetups during a cycle (eg
>could arrange mini virtual events around each milestone if we wanted)

How about arranging some high quality telepresence rooms? A number of
the big companies associated with OpenStack either make or own some
pretty nice systems. Perhaps it could be negotiated for some of these
companies to open their doors to allow OpenStack developers for some
scheduled events.

With some scheduling and coordination effort it would probably be
possible to setup a bunch of local meet-up points interconnected
by telepresence links.

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