[openstack-dev] [qa] Using any username/password to create tempest clients

Udi Kalifon ukalifon at redhat.com
Wed Aug 13 09:41:03 UTC 2014


I am writing a tempest scenario for keystone. In this scenario I create a domain, project and a user with admin rights on the project. I then try to instantiate a Manager so I can call keystone using the new user credentials:

        creds = KeystoneV3Credentials(username=dom1proj1admin_name, password=dom1proj1admin_name, domain_name=dom1_name, user_domain_name=dom1_name)
        auth_provider = KeystoneV3AuthProvider(creds)
        creds = auth_provider.fill_credentials()
        admin_client = clients.Manager(interface=self._interface, credentials=creds)

The problem is that I get "unauthorized" return codes for every call I make with this client. I verified that the user is created properly and has the needed credentials, by manually authenticating and getting a token with his credentials and then using that token. Apparently, in my code I don't create the creds properly or I'm missing another step. How can I use the new user in tempest properly?

Thanks in advance,
Udi Kalifon.

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