[openstack-dev] [sahara] new client release (0.7.1)

Sergey Lukjanov slukjanov at mirantis.com
Mon Aug 11 13:37:59 UTC 2014

Hey sahara folks,

the latest sahara client release was at Mar 29 (right after the fully
completed renaming process) and so we have a lot of unreleased fixes
and improvements.

You can check diff [0] and launchpad's release page [1].

I'm going to release 0.7.1 this week, so, please propose changes to be
included into the new client release in the next few days.


[0] https://github.com/openstack/python-saharaclient/compare/0.7.0...HEAD
[1] https://launchpad.net/python-saharaclient/+milestone/0.7.1

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Lukjanov
Sahara Technical Lead
(OpenStack Data Processing)
Principal Software Engineer
Mirantis Inc.

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