[openstack-dev] [gerrit] Preparing a patch that has dependency to more than one code under review

Nader Lahouti nader.lahouti at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 07:23:33 UTC 2014


Is it possible to send a patch for review (i.e. A) on gerrit based on
multiple commit under the review (i.e. B and C)?
Based on the wiki page to add dependency these command should be used:
A->B, A->C (no dependency between B and C)

#fetch change under review and check out branch based on that change.
git checkout -b $DEV_TOPIC_BRANCH
# Edit files, add files to git
git commit
git review

This seems to work only for one dependency. Is it possible to repeat the
first command,
(i.e. git review -d $PARENT_CHANGE_NUMBER) multiple times for each

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