[openstack-dev] Which program for Rally

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Aug 7 12:20:34 UTC 2014

On 08/07/2014 07:58 AM, Angus Salkeld wrote:
> On Wed, 2014-08-06 at 15:48 -0600, John Griffith wrote:
>> I have to agree with Duncan here.  I also don't know if I fully
>> understand the limit in options.  Stress test seems like it
>> could/should be different (again overlap isn't a horrible thing) and I
>> don't see it as siphoning off resources so not sure of the issue.
>>  We've become quite wrapped up in projects, programs and the like
>> lately and it seems to hinder forward progress more than anything
>> else.
> h
>> I'm also not convinced that Tempest is where all things belong, in
>> fact I've been thinking more and more that a good bit of what Tempest
>> does today should fall more on the responsibility of the projects
>> themselves.  For example functional testing of features etc, ideally
>> I'd love to have more of that fall on the projects and their
>> respective teams.  That might even be something as simple to start as
>> saying "if you contribute a new feature, you have to also provide a
>> link to a contribution to the Tempest test-suite that checks it".
>>  Sort of like we do for unit tests, cross-project tracking is
>> difficult of course, but it's a start.  The other idea is maybe
>> functional test harnesses live in their respective projects.
> Couldn't we reduce the scope of tempest (and rally) : make tempest the
> API verification and rally the secenario/performance tester? Make each
> tool do less, but better. My point being to split the projects by
> functionality so there is less need to share code and stomp on each
> other's toes.

Who is going to propose the split? Who is going to manage the
coordination of the split? What happens when their is disagreement about
the location of something like booting and listing a server -

Because today we've got fundamental disagreements between the teams on
scope, long standing (as seen in these threads), so this won't
organically solve itself.


Sean Dague

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