[openstack-dev] introducing cyclops

Piyush Harsh harh at zhaw.ch
Thu Aug 7 10:01:04 UTC 2014

Dear All,

Let me use my first post to this list to introduce Cyclops and initiate a
discussion towards possibility of this platform as a future incubated
project in OpenStack.

We at Zurich university of Applied Sciences have a python project in open
source (Apache 2 Licensing) that aims to provide a platform to do
rating-charging-billing over ceilometer. We call is Cyclops (A Charging
platform for OPenStack CLouds).

The initial proof of concept code can be accessed here:
https://github.com/icclab/cyclops-web &

*Disclaimer: This is not the best code out there, but will be refined and
documented properly very soon!*

A demo video from really early days of the project is here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwwVxqCio0 and since this video was made,
several bug fixes and features were added.

The idea presentation was done at Swiss Open Cloud Day at Bern and the talk
slides can be accessed here:
http://piyush-harsh.info/content/ocd-bern2014.pdf, and more recently the
research paper on the idea was published in 2014 World Congress in Computer
Science (Las Vegas), which can be accessed here:

I was wondering, if our effort is something that OpenStack
Ceilometer/Telemetry release team would be interested in?

I do understand that initially rating-charging-billing service may have
been left out by choice as they would need to be tightly coupled with
existing CRM/Billing systems, but Cyclops design (intended) is distributed,
service oriented architecture with each component allowing for possible
integration with external software via REST APIs. And therefore Cyclops by
design is CRM/Billing platform agnostic. Although Cyclops PoC
implementation does include a basic bill generation module.

We in our team are committed to this development effort and we will have
resources (interns, students, researchers) work on features and improve the
code-base for a foreseeable number of years to come.

Do you see a chance if our efforts could make in as an incubated project in
OpenStack within Ceilometer?

I really would like to hear back from you, comments, suggestions, etc.

Kind regards,
Dr. Piyush Harsh, Ph.D.
Researcher, InIT Cloud Computing Lab
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
[Site] http://piyush-harsh.info
[Research Lab] http://www.cloudcomp.ch/
Fax: +41(0)58.935.7403 GPG Keyid: 9C5A8838
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