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Wow, Trevor! Thanks for capturing all that!

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Trevor Vardeman <
trevor.vardeman at rackspace.com> wrote:

> Agenda items are numbered, and topics, as discussed, are described beneath
> in list format.
> 1) Octavia Constitution and Project Direction Documents (Road map)
>     a) Constitution and Road map will potentially be adopted after another
> couple days; providing those who were busy more time to review the
> information
> 2) Octavia Design Proposals
>     a) Difference between version 0.5 and 1.0 isn't huge
>     b) Version 2 has many network topology changes and Layer 4 routing
>         + This includes N node Active-Active
>         + Would like to avoid Layer 2 connectivity with Load Balancers
> (included in version 1 however)
>         + Layer router driver
>         + Layer router controller
>         + Long term solution
>     c) After refining Version 1 document (with some scrutiny) all changes
> will be propagated to the Version 2 document
>     d) Version 0.5 is unpublished
>     e) All control layer, anything connected to the intermediate message
> bus in version 1, will be collapsed down to 1 daemon.
>         + No scale-able control, but scale-able service delivery
>         + Version 1 will be the first large operator compatible version,
> that will have both scale-able control and scale-able service delivery
>         + 0.5 will be a good start
>             - laying out ground work
>             - rough topology for the end users
>             - must be approved by the networking teams for each
> contributing company
>     f) The portions under control of neutron lbaas is the User API and the
> driver (for neutron lbaas)
>     g) If neutron LBaaS is a sufficient front-end (user API doesn't suck),
> then Octavia will be kept as a vendor driver
>     h) Potentially including a REST API on top of Octavia
>         + Octavia is initially just a vendor driver, no real desire for
> another API in front of Octavia
>         + If someone wants it, the work is "trivial" and can be done in
> another project at another time
>     i) Octavia should have a loose coupling with Neutron; use a shim for
> network connectivity (one specifically for Neutron communication in the
> start)
>         + This is going to hold any "dirty hacks" that would be required
> to get something done, keeping Octavia clean
>             - Example: changing the mac address on a port
> 3) Operator Network Topology Requirements
>     a) One requirement is floating IPs.
>     b) IPv6 is in demand, but is currently not supported reliably on
> Neutron
>         + IPv6 would be represented as a different load balancer entity,
> and possibly include co-location with another Load Balancer
>     c) Network interface plug-ability (potentially)
>     d) Sections concerning front-end connectivity should be forwarded to
> each company's network specialists for review
>         + Share findings in the mailing list, and dissect the proposals
> with the information and comment what requirements are needing added etc.
> 4) HA/Failover Options/Solutions
>     a) Rackspace may have a solution to this, but the conversation will be
> pushed off to the next meeting (at least)
>         + Will gather more information from another member in Rackspace to
> provide to the ML for initial discussions
>     b) One option for HA:  Spare pool option (similar to Libra)
>         + Poor recovery time is a big problem
>     c) Another option for HA:  Active/Passive
>         + Bluebox uses one active and one passive configuration, and has
> sub-second fail over.  However is not resource-sufficient
> Questions:
> Q:  What is the expectation for a release time-frame
> A:  Wishful thinking; Octavia version 0.5 beta for Juno (probably not, but
> would be awesome to push for that)
> Notes:
>  + We need to pressure the Neutron core reviewers to review the Neutron
> LBaaS changes to get merges.
>  + Version 2 front-end topology is different than the Version 1.  Please
> review them individually, and thoroughly
> PS.  I re-wrote most of the information from the recording (thanks again
> Doug).  I have one question for everyone: should I just email this out
> after each meeting to the Octavia mailing list, or should I also add it to
> a page in an Octavia wiki for Meeting Notes/Minutes or something for review
> by anyone?  What are your thoughts?
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