[openstack-dev] Fwd: [NFV][CI][third-party] The plan to bring up Snabb NFV CI for Juno-3

Luke Gorrie luke at snabb.co
Mon Aug 4 08:36:33 UTC 2014

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the continuing help!

On 29 July 2014 20:25, Steve Gordon <sgordon at redhat.com> wrote:

> It appears to me the expectation/desire from Mark and Maru here is to see
> a lot more justification of the use cases for this driver and the direction
> of the current implementation

I am attempting to satisfy this. I've posted more information on the code
review and also on the ml:

I hope this moves us a step towards satisfying the objections. I am
optimistic because the use case is an important one and to me it seems like
the design is in line with existing practice in Neutron.

Typically third party CI is only provided/required for Nova when
> adding/maintaining a new hypervisor driver - at least that seems to be the
> case so far.

We are not adding a new hypervisor driver. but the VIF_VHOSTUSER feature
does depend on a very recent QEMU (>= 2.1) and Libvirt (>= 1.2.7).

I would like to understand what (if any) CI implications this version
requirement has on the Nova side.

> I know in your earlier email you mentioned also wanting to use this third
> party CI to also test a number of other scenarios, particularly:
> > * Test with NFV-oriented features that are upstream in OpenStack.
> > * Test with NFV-oriented changes that are not yet upstream e.g. Neutron
> QoS
> API.
> I am not sure how this would work - perhaps I misunderstand what you are
> proposing? As it stands the third-party CI jobs ideally run on each change
> *submitted* to gerrit so features that are not yet *merged* still receive
> this CI testing today both from the CI managed by infra and the existing
> third-party CI jobs? Or are you simply highlighting that you wish to test
> same with snabbswitch? Just not quite understanding why these were called
> out as separate cases.

Sorry, I didn't explain myself very clearly.

On reflection, the question is quite generic, and I will reraise it under
the [3rd-party][neutron] label.

There seems to be a chicken-and-egg situation where the CI is supposed to
run tests with a new Neutron driver enabled, but that new Neutron itself
driver is not merged and so it will not available with the Git refspec that
Gerrit supplies to the CI.

Likely there is already a standard practice for this that we can find out
about from the 3rd party gurus e.g. cherry-pick the driver into all tests.
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