[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Status of A/A HA for neutron-metadata-agent?

Assaf Muller amuller at redhat.com
Fri Aug 1 23:22:58 UTC 2014

Hey Marios, comments inline.

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> Hi all,
> I have been asked by a colleague about the status of A/A HA for
> neutron-* processes. From the 'HA guide' [1], l3-agent and
> metadata-agent are the only neutron components that can't be deployed in
> A/A HA (corosync/pacemaker for a/p is documented as available 'out of
> the box' for both).
> The l3-agent work is approved for J3 [4] but I am unaware of any work on
> the metadata-agent and can't see any mention in [2][3]. Is this someone
> has looked at, or is planning to (though ultimately K would be the
> earliest right?)?

With L3 HA turned on you can run the metadata agent on all network nodes.
The active instance of each router will have the proxy up in its namespace
and it will forward it to the agent as expected.

> thanks! marios
> [1] http://docs.openstack.org/high-availability-guide/content/index.html
> [2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NeutronJunoProjectPlan
> [3] https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-3
> [4]
> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/neutron-specs/tree/specs/juno/l3-high-availability.rst
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