[openstack-dev] [Trove] V1 Client improvements

Denis Makogon dmakogon at mirantis.com
Fri Aug 1 12:18:46 UTC 2014

Hello, Stackers.

I’d like to raise the question related to list of API calls that were
implemented at Trove site but not used as part of V1 Client.

Ignored V1 Client APIs:


    The problem is that described list of API endpoints are available for
at Trove, and can’t be used as part of V1 client (see link above). Given
API endpoints can be used only as part of compat client.

    So, as i can see, we have  options:


   Clean-up V1 client - remove ignored API, develop plans for V2

   Make ignored API available through V1 client (will take certain efforts
   to add CLI representation of this calls, same for Trove site - will need to
   add integration tests to verify that given endpoints are accessible via V1


Best regards,

Denis Makogon
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