[openstack-dev] TC Candidacy

Angus Salkeld angus.salkeld at rackspace.com
Tue Apr 15 01:07:37 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I'd like to announce my candidacy as a TC member.

A little about me:
I am a software developer at Rackspace (previously at Red Hat). I started off my OpenStack
contributions with Heat (I started Heat with Steve Dake). I have also
have make some significant contirbutions to Ceilometer and I am now
working mostly fulltime on Solum.

What I'd like to focus on within the TC:
I'd like to help/encourage the "upper layer" projects (heat, murano, mistral, solum, ...) so that they
1) fit into OpenStack in a sensible way
2) make sure we have the organisational structures in place to encourage
    developers to work better together to deliver features that actually make sense to end users
    and don't just confuse everyone.
3) if they want to integrate, help communication between the <project> and the TC

We have developers in this community doing some amazing work, but I think we need
some better mechanisms for ongoing cross project communication (or possibly a different
programme structure) that makes it easier to "see" what these new projects are doing
and how it all fits together. I'd like to see developers in these projects working more
together so that we build features that are cohesive and projects that try to do one thing well.

I think having more people on the TC that know these projects better can
only be a good thing (note: I am not totally up to speed on Murano but aim to be).

Angus Salkeld

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