[openstack-dev] [Neutron] PTL Candidacy

Mark McClain mark.mcclain at dreamhost.com
Fri Sep 20 20:44:14 UTC 2013


I writing to announce my candidacy for the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) PTL.

I am the current Neutron PTL.  Our team continued to grow during the Havana cycle and both existing and new contributors worked to deliver double the number of blueprints than the previous release.  Our vibrant ecosystem makes me excited for the future of Neutron and I would love to continue as the PTL.


I am a Neutron core developer with 13 years of commercial Python development experience.  During my career, I have developed and deployed network applications based on the same underlying libraries used throughout Neutron.  I started contributing to Neutron project during the Essex development cycle.  In Folsom, I was promoted to core and was the primary developer of the DHCP implementation and Neutron's network namespace library.  During Grizzly, I worked on the metadata service, database migrations, and LBaaS reference implementation.  

Havana Accomplishments

During the Havana cycle, I worked as a developer, core team member, and a technical lead.

- Planned and implemented the Quantum to Neutron name change.
- Most active reviewer on the Neutron team (http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/neutron-reviewers-180.txt)
- Organized the Networking track at the Havana Design Summit.
- Led bug triaging and sub-team assignment.
- Interfaced with vendors new to Neutron and helped in the integration of their plugins.
- Assisted members of the community to further their understanding of Neutron and improve Python development best practices.
- Promoted Neutron by delivering presentations at conferences and regional meet ups worldwide.


During the Icehouse development cycle, I'd like to see the team focus on:

- Continuing to grow the community of contributors and code reviewers.
- Improving documentation for both deployers and developers.
- Build upon the services added in Havana to extend and improve load balancing, firewalling, and VPN.
- Integrating plugins from vendors new to the community including FWaaS, LBaaS, ML2, VPNaaS plugins/drivers.
- More efficient Neutron system testing and gating including full Tempest testing.
- Further work to ease deploying at scale.
- Refactoring the API layer to leverage a common WSGI framework as other OpenStack projects.
- Improving database resource modeling and extension management.
- Unified network service management framework. 
- Continued support of the Horizon team to assist with Neutron integration.
- Defined migration path from nova-network to Quantum.

I'd love the opportunity to continue as the PTL and work with the Neutron team to fill in the gaps during the design summit in Hong Kong.


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