[openstack-dev] TC Candidacy

Morgan Fainberg m at metacloud.com
Sat Oct 5 21:46:48 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!  I would like propose my candidacy for the OpenStack
Technical Committee.

A bit about me


I have been working with OpenStack in a professional capacity since before
the Essex release and have participated in each of the summits since that
time.  Throughout that timeframe I've been an active participant in most of
the projects that make up OpenStack through active communication and
collaboration. I am currently a member of the Keystone Core team and almost
always available / active on IRC (ensuring I have a good pulse on most of
the projects at any given time).

During the Havana cycle I have been mostly focused on Keystone, however, I
have also contributed to a number of other OpenStack projects.  Over the
last cycle, I have made sure to attend the TC meetings and keep apprised of
the content discussed and decisions made.



As a developer, operator, and consumer of OpenStack, I believe that
OpenStack (and, more generally speaking, IaaS) is the "way of the future"
when it comes to managing and maintaining computational resources.  I think
that OpenStack in particular is a defining force within this space, and as
such has a responsibility to help the industry grow in a positive way.
 This, in no small part, includes bringing new projects online (from
incubation to full integration) to fill the gaps in functional coverage and
ensuring that both new and already integrated projects are ready for
prime-time use.

For the next couple of cycles (and beyond), I see the TC's role as not only
growing the platform in a stable and maintainable way, but also being an
active advocate for the diverse set of consumers of OpenStack (public cloud
providers, private cloud providers, enterprise integration, development
environments and platforms, QA environments, end consumers of the various
cloud installations, etc).  The TC should continue to take an active role
(in some cases more active) in the project-wide scope direction.  This
active participation will include continued direct collaboration with the
Board of Directors as well as the many contributors (both corporate and
individual) of OpenStack.

The TC needs to have diverse representation from all corners of the
community to ensure that we keep the project moving forward in a way that
meets the real needs of all OpenStack users.  As part of the TC, I would
bring the experience of running multiple diverse private clouds for large
enterprises as well as an understanding of the need to maintain and grow
the accessibility of OpenStack for all use cases.

I look forward to continue contributing as a member of the Keystone Core
team and being a vocal advocate for increased usability and ease of
deployment for all of OpenStack.  I would be honored to also serve as a
member of the TC, collaborating, and helping to guide the technical
direction of the project as a whole.

Morgan Fainberg
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