[openstack-dev] incubating diskimage-builder?

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Sat May 25 19:21:59 UTC 2013

Seeking opinions - should I put forward diskimage-builder for
incubation. Reddwarf, which is incubated, depends on diskimage-builder
for it's tests, and thats great - but at the same time I feel a little
odd about having an integrated project depend on a stackforge project.

Diskimage-builder isn't a whole lot of code, but thats deliberate ;).
It is however something I suspect will end up in the inner loop of a
bunch of projects as people get familiar with it's utility. Maybe it
should be an oslo component  [though its 95% shell], or maybe it
should be 'part of' glance in the same way python-glanceclient is
'part of' glance.

 I'd be delighted to collaborate with any of the PTL's in OpenStack
today - but fFor all that it's small, it has it's own unique
challenges in keeping it flexible, fast and safe, so I feel hesitant
about simply handing guidance of it over to PTL control in the context
of a project which is API focused : this is low level OS plumbing
which it's own problem domain.

Considered thoughts and random opinions solicited!


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