[openstack-dev] [Nova][Heat] scheduled-images blueprint

Doug Davis dug at us.ibm.com
Wed May 1 04:00:24 UTC 2013

I tend to look at this blueprint from a more abstract level and so to me
this is really just asking for a set of Openstack APIs to be invoked
automatically.  That really isn't that fundamentally different than what a
user of Heat will be trying to do - execute a set of Openstack APIs.
Whether its to stand-up an application or to perform a backup of a VM, the
infrastructure to deal with the execution of those APIs shouldn't really
know or care.  Especially when you consider that these set of operations
could very well not be trivial in nature (ie. blindly do this, then this,
then this...) but rather could require some "smarts" to them (e.g.
conditional execution of certain steps), and at that point the problem
become much harder than just a cron job of VM.createSnapshot().  I would
hope that Heat would be able to help with these types of usecases.

  Now, time-based execution instead of just user initiation execution might
be a twist, but I see no reason why that couldn't be added to Heat if its
not already there.

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From:	Russell Bryant <rbryant at redhat.com>
To:	OpenStack Development Mailing List
            <openstack-dev at lists.openstack.org>,
Date:	04/30/2013 05:49 PM
Subject:	[openstack-dev] [Nova][Heat] scheduled-images blueprint


The following blueprint was proposed for the havana series:


Based on the current design, I think the nova part of this needs to be
deferred.  It does not seem appropriate to add an API extension that
talks to a service that is not an integrated project, or at least

Beyond that, I'm curious about the choice to implement this as a new
service.  I definitely agree that this is not something that should be
implemented inside of Nova.  However, I wonder if it makes sense as a
feature in Heat.  It seems like an orchestration feature.


Russell Bryant

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