[openstack-dev] Policy on using GPL libraries [was Re: rtslib dependency for cinder is AGPL - thoughts?]

Richard Fontana rfontana at redhat.com
Wed Mar 20 13:19:44 UTC 2013

Quickly correcting my apparent previous misattribution of something
markmc said to Eric, hopefully not published to the mailing list:

Mark wrote
> there's also the ASF's claim of an incompatibility between the
> GPLv2 and the patent provisions in ALv2. Let's leave that aside since
> we're talking about an AGPLv3 licensed project.

Just a comment on this very peripheral item, which I feel compelled
to make for the benefit of future generations etc.: That is not the
view of the ASF -- indeed the ASF raised serious doubts about the
rational basis for this interpretation. Rather it was the view of the
FSF in ~2004 when it considered the question of compatibility of the
new Apache License 2.0 with GPLv2.

My view FWIW is that the FSF's view on the patent provisions, as
publicly explained, doesn't make obvious sense, but that the Apache
License 2.0 "is" (i.e., should be considered) GPLv2-incompatible
anyway because of the upstream indemnification clause in Apache
License 2.0 section 9.

But yes, this admittedly has absolutely nothing to do with the topic
at hand.

- RF

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