[openstack-dev] [Openstack-docs] Use of XML xi:include with xpointer

Diane Fleming diane.fleming at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Jul 29 16:32:50 UTC 2013

I don't know if this will work, but this is how I used xpointer to pull in
content from one file to another:

Target file (pulls in content)

<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="ch_gs_overview.xml"
<xi:include href="section_virt_ext.xml"/>

Source file

    <section xml:id="cn_overview"><title>Cloud Networks</title>
    <para xml:id="over1">Cloud Networks lets you create a virtual
        Layer 2 network, known as an isolated network, which gives you
        greater control and security when you deploy web applications.
    <para xml:id="over2">When you create a next generation Cloud
        Server, Cloud Networks enables you to attach one or more
        networks to your server. You can attach an isolated network
        that you have created or a Rackspace network. </para>
    <para xml:id="over3">If you install the &virt_ext;, you can create
        a virtual interface to a specified Rackspace or isolated
        network and attach that network to an existing server
        instance. You can also list virtual interfaces for and delete
        virtual interfaces from a server instance. For information
        about the &virt_ext;, see <xref linkend="section_virt_ext"



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On 7/29/13 9:27 AM, "Sean Roberts" <seanrob at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

>I'm working on reusing content from remote XML formatted sources to
>create new content. I'm using xi:include xpointer to a section of an
>existing XML file. Using the editor oxygen I can see the remote content,
>so I know my href is valid. But maven fails to build the html from the
>xml returning bad pointer.
>The remote content isn't using DTD or XMLschema. I'm hoping I can figure
>out how to walk the structure without having to.
>Any XML peoples that can help?
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