[openstack-dev] Discussing Amazon API compatibility [Nova][Swift]

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 15:39:26 UTC 2013

On 07/26/2013 08:04 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
> On 07/25/2013 08:30 PM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
>> When you have so much state to maintain then aren't the APIs incorrect??
> Yes, the EC2 APIs are incorrect in being silly and using ints for ids
> for so many things, also for supporting people to make GET requests with
> 16k get strings. But there isn't much we can do about that. :)
>> Or can there be new API's that expose this translation, something
>> seems/feels wrong if there is so much state to maintain u can't do a
>> translation layer.
> Most of this is about id allocation and translation. OpenStack uses
> UUIDs, AWS uses ints. UUIDs is a better design point, and means you
> don't need to have a global auto allocator which you can guaruntee,
> which is good.
> Also there are EC2 design points that have request lengths greater than
> what Apache (or any other web front end) is compiled to support, as they
> have the possibility of enourmous GET strings (16K at least). Again,
> instead of sensibly requiring to move to POST in those cases. I know we
> had to land a change for CERN to allow bigger requests on EC2 calls for
> just this reason (we did keep the get length apache sized on OSAPI, so
> we didn't break people's attempts to get this behind a real web server).
> Translation is never exact, go talk to the WINE folks about that one.
> I'm personally fine either way, proxy or embedded in openstack. Which
> approach isn't really the issue. It's that no one is doing the work.
> Actions speak much louder than words (well... except in pundit echo
> chambers), so I'd much rather have people with strong opinions on this
> express how strongly those are by having a big patch queue for me to
> review.

Amen that that.

However, I will say that developers write code to scratch an itch -- or 
some product manager's itch. So the fact that nobody is all that 
interested in spending time to code up enhanced EC2 API support in Nova 
is, well, quite telling that the demand for such things is less than 
what some people think.


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