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Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Wed Jul 24 20:44:57 UTC 2013

Program Name: OpenStack Documentation
PTL: Anne Gentle
Mission Statement: Provide documentation for core OpenStack projects to
promote OpenStack. Develop and maintain tools and processes to ensure
quality, accurate documentation. Treat documentation like OpenStack code.

Details: Documentation is an essential effort to meet the goals of the
OpenStack mission. We collaborate tightly with development and maintain
open tools and processes like OpenStack development. We review each other's
patches, continuously publish, track doc bugs and monitor code patches for
doc impact. We provide documentation for installation and system
administration of OpenStack clouds at http://docs.openstack.org. We provide
API documentation for cloud consumers at http://api.openstack.org.

The docs-core team consists of about 20 members who review documentation
patches, log and triage doc bugs, moderate comments on the documentation,
write documentation, provide tooling for automation and publication, and
maintain search and navigation for the docs.openstack.org and
api.openstack.org sites. We also support community-centric book sprints,
intensive documentation efforts focused on a single deliverable. The number
of documentation contributors in any given six-month release are about 3-4
times the size of the core team.

We offer a framework and tools for creating and maintaining documentation
for OpenStack user roles as defined by the User Committee [1]:

- A consumer who is submitting work, storing data or interacting with an
OpenStack cloud
- An operator who is running a public or private openstack cloud
- An ecosystem partner who is developing solutions such as software and
services around OpenStack. This corresponds to the “built for openstack”
trademark requirements.
- A distribution provider or appliance vendor that is providing packaged
solutions and support of OpenStack

Expected deliverables and repositories
The OpenStack Documentation program maintains and governs these

These repositories are co-governed with project core and docs-core having
approval permissions:

Note: One integrated project repos co-governed with project core and

As an example, here is a general mapping for a project's documentation,
such as the Images project, Glance:
glance/doc/source/ should contain information for contributors to the
Glance project itself.
openstack/openstack-manuals/ contains installation and administration
openstack/image-api/ contains API specifications.
openstack/api-site/ contains API reference information only.

Since we cannot govern all documentation equally with the resources
available, our focus is core first and users first, with collaborative
efforts to provide coaching and processes to complete documentation for
OpenStack core and integrated projects and additional audiences.

Thanks for reading this far -- input and questions welcomed.

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