[openstack-dev] [Swift] question on Application class concurrency; paste.app_factory mechanism

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Wed Jul 24 02:31:45 UTC 2013

Trying to understand a bit more about the Application class defined in proxy/server.py.  Looks like it instantiated by means of paste deploy application factories which I know really nothing about.   Using the saio environment it looks like a class is instantiated when the service is started for the first time and when I perform the first operation against the service but not subsequent operations.  I was thinking that each connection would get its own instance thus it would be sage to store connection-transient information there but I was surprised by my quick test.

Basically, here's all I did:

a)      Add an element to the application class and init it to 0

b)      Add a log statement to the _init_ method of Application

c)      In the _call_ method of Application I increment the test element and print it

And what I see is (1) the log statement in _init_ runs when the service starts and when I do the very first GET (via curl cmd line) and (2) subsequent GET calls don't show the _init_ log statement and show the variable incrementing with every call.

Any insight would be appreciated...


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