[openstack-dev] [Horizon] Navigation UX Enhancements - Collecting Issues

Tim Schnell tim.schnell at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Jul 23 22:42:26 UTC 2013

Most of my navigation related issues can be summed up into 3 problems.

  1.  Not having a secondary level of navigation in the left-nav really restricts the level of granularity that can be achieved through the navigation. Having an accordion-like nav structure would help this as well as setting a corresponding url convention like we have for the current nav (I.e. The url should be "dashboard/primary_nav/secondary_nav")
  2.  Which leads to my second issue, having a robust breadcrumb system so it is easy for the user to backtrack to previous pages would really help the user from getting lost in drill downs. A strong url convention would make this fairly easy to implement.
  3.  The fixed width of the left nav makes it awkward to have more than 3 dashboards. Instead of the current tab-like structure for adding dashboard we could switch to a drop down.

Thanks for working on this Jarda!


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Horizon] Navigation UX Enhancements - Collecting Issues

Hi everybody,

in UX community group on G+ popped out a need for enhancing user experience of main navigation, because there are spreading out various issues .

There is already created a BP for this: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/navigation-enhancement

Toshi had great idea to start discussion about navigation issues on mailing list.

So I'd like to ask all of you, if you have some issues with navigation, what are the issues you are dealing with? I'd like to gather as much feedback as possible, so we can design the best solution which covers most of the cases. Issues will be listed in BP and I will try to come out with design proposals which hopefully will help all of you.

Examples are following:
* Navigation is not scaling for more dashboards (Project, Admin, ...)
* Each dashboard might contain different hierarchy (number of levels)

What problems do you experience with navigation?

Thanks all for contributing
-- Jarda
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