[openstack-dev] [Oslo-incubator] Request for meeting

Lance D Bragstad ldbragst at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 18 18:15:35 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Just wanted to throw a word out to see if we could get an Oslo meeting
scheduled, or if anyone else has some topics that would be relevant to
discuss pertaining to recent Oslo work. I have a change in Oslo that I
would like to discuss, but I don't think it would justify a meeting on it's
own. Just wondering if anyone else had some things to bring up to justify
holding a meeting.


If we don't get one scheduled this week due to late notice I completely
understand. Thanks all!

Best Regards,

Lance Bragstad
Software Engineer - OpenStack
Cloud Solutions and OpenStack Development
T/L 553-5409, External 507-253-5409
ldbragst at us.ibm.com, Bld 015-2/C118
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