[openstack-dev] Savanna EDP sequence diagrams added for discussion...

Trevor McKay tmckay at redhat.com
Thu Jul 18 17:49:43 UTC 2013

Hi all,

  Here is a page to hold sequence diagrams for Savanna EDP, 
based on current launchpad blueprints.  We thought it might be helpful to 
create some diagrams for discussion as the component specs are written and the
API is worked out:


  (The main page for EDP is here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Savanna/EDP )

  There is an initial sequence there, along with a link to the source 
for generating the PNG with PlantUML.  Feedback would be great, either 
through IRC, email, comments on the wiki, or by modifying 
the sequence and/or posting additional sequences.

  The sequences can be generated/modified easily with with Plantuml which 
installs as a single jar file:

  java -jar plantuml.jar

  Choose the directory which contains plantuml text files and it will
monitor, generate, and update PNGs as you save/modify text files. I thought
it was broken the first time I ran it because there are no controls :)
Very simple.



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