[openstack-dev] Opinions needed: Changing method signature in RPC callback ...

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 16:44:11 UTC 2013

On 07/18/2013 10:09 AM, Sandy Walsh wrote:
> Hey y'all!
> Running into an interesting little dilemma with a branch I'm working on.
> Recently, I introduced a branch in oslo-common to optionally .reject() a
> kombu message on an exception. Currently, we always .ack() all messages
> even if the processing callback fails. For Ceilometer, this is a problem
> ... we have to guarantee we get all notifications.
> The patch itself was pretty simple, but didn't work :) The spawn_n()
> call was eating the exceptions coming from the callback. So, in order to
> get the exceptions it's simple enough to re-wrap the callback, but I
> need to pool.waitall() after the spawn_n() to ensure none of the
> consumers failed. Sad, but a necessary evil. And remember, it's only
> used in a special case, normal openstack rpc is unaffected and remains
> async.
> But it does introduce a larger problem ... I have to change the rpc
> callback signature.
> Old: callback(message)
> New: callback(message, delivery_info=None, wait_for_consumers=False)
> (The delivery_info is another thing, we were dumping the message info on
> the floor, but this has important info in it)
> My worry is busting all the other callbacks out there that use
> olso-common.rpc
> Some options:
> 1. embed all these flags and extra data in the message structure
> message = {'_context_stuff': "...",
>             'payload": {...},
>             '_extra_magic': {...}}

This would be my preference. #2 below is essentially the same thing but 
with some object-orientation for sugar -- and it breaks the existing 
structure, which #1 doesn't.


> 2. make a generic CallContext() object to include with message that has
> anything else we need (a one-time signature break)
> call_context = CallContext({"delivery_info": {...}, "wait": False})
> callback(message, call_context)
> 3. some other ugly python hack that I haven't thought of yet.
> Look forward to your thoughts on a solution!
> Thanks
> -S
> My work-in-progess is here:
> https://github.com/SandyWalsh/openstack-common/blob/callback_exceptions/openstack/common/rpc/amqp.py#L373
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