[openstack-dev] [qa] Proposed QA Meeting Agenda for July 18th

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Wed Jul 17 21:37:02 UTC 2013

The following is the meeting agenda for QA for July 18th - 1700UTC on 

Proposed Agenda for July 18 2013

     Blueprints (sdague)
         Havana-2 status check in - 
https://launchpad.net/tempest/+milestone/havana-2 (sdague .. et al)
         Testr Progress - 
https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tempest/+spec/speed-up-tempest (mtreinish)
         Stress Tests (new Blueprint and findings) - 
https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tempest/+spec/stress-tests (mkoderer)
     Mailing list move (voting on moving to -dev) (sdague)
     White Box Tests (owner for discussion?)
         Should they really be unit tests?
         Current state of implementation
         Integration in CI
     Critical Reviews (sdague)

If you have additional topics please feel free to add them to -

See folks tomorrow,


Sean Dague

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