[openstack-dev] headsup - transient test failures on py26 ' cannot import name OrderedDict'

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jul 17 20:27:42 UTC 2013

On 18 July 2013 03:54, Matt Riedemann <mriedem at us.ibm.com> wrote:

> What do you mean in (b) about upstream python not supporting python 2.6?
>  From what I understand here, it's the version of testrepository being used
> that doesn't support py26, not python itself or openstack.

Python 2.6 release schedule : http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0361/

I was slightly out on the dates, but in 3 months Python 2.6 will do it's
last ever release, and there will be no security fixes going forward. "It's
dead Jim." Basically any upstream python modules that still support Python
2.6 are rare now and getting rapidly rarer. Python 2.6 + 3.x is
substantially harder than 2.7 + 3.x.

> Anyone doing development or test on RHEL 6 (which doesn't have python 2.7)
> is going to have an issue with this.

Surely thats fixable by having a /opt/ install of Python2.7 built for RHEL
? That would make life soooo much easier for all concerned, and is super
easy to create. There is no need to have the system Python upgraded, just a
self contained build with the standard library on it, and then use that for


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