[openstack-dev] [glance] need to pin jsonschema version for glance?

Matt Riedemann mriedem at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 17 14:16:29 UTC 2013

I recently synched up on the latest glance and ran tempest on my RHEL 6.3 
box and the image v2 tests all started failing due to json schema 
validation errors:


I found that the version of jsonschema on the system is 0.7, probably 
because of the dependency from warlock in python-glanceclient:


I started looking at what recent changes in glance might be causing the 
issue and I found this one:


As pointed out in the test output from that patch, since there is no 
version constraint on jsonschema in glance or tempest, it's getting the 
latest version from pypi (2.0.0 in this case).

When I updated my test box to jsonschema 1.3.0, I got past the schema 
validation error.

So this leads me to believe that we need to pin the jsonschema version in 
glance and tempest to >= 1.3.0.



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