[openstack-dev] [Nova] Seperate out 'soft-deleted' instances from 'deleted' ones?

David Ripton dripton at redhat.com
Tue Jul 16 14:38:49 UTC 2013

On 07/15/2013 10:03 AM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> I have a patch up for review on this:
> _https://review.openstack.org/#/c/35061/_
> However, this doesn't fix the vm_states.SOFT_DELETED mapping in
> nova.api.openstack.common so if you show an instance with
> vm_states.SOFT_DELETED, the response status will be 'DELETED'.
> I'd like to see if there are any opinions on if this should come back as
> 'SOFT_DELETED' or if everyone is OK with mapping soft-delete to
> 'DELETED' in the v3 API?

I would like to see them merged.  Having multiple kinds of deleted 
records is really confusing, and leads to bugs.  The more public we make 
this, the harder it will be to fix it in the future.

David Ripton   Red Hat   dripton at redhat.com

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