[openstack-dev] Current biggest OpenStack gate fail culprit - neutron bug #1194026

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue Jul 9 15:41:25 UTC 2013

In the corner to my left, our current largest gate reset culprit appears 
to be neutron bug #1194026 - weighing in with 62 rechecks since June 
24th (http://status.openstack.org/rechecks/)

It has yet to be triaged by the neutron team, so is still sitting with 
undefined priority. However this seems High or Critical to me as this is 
affecting the ability of other teams to land code. It would be great if 
we could get some neutron eyes on this.

As an aside, it would probably be nice if those of us watching the gate 
we able to be in a group that could prioritize these kinds of bugs 
across projects. Currently bug prioritization is very project specific, 
which makes it easy for a bug like this to exist for 3 weeks, be our top 
gate reset issue, and not be triaged yet.


Sean Dague

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